Solar is the first sibling to a OC created by Asa12

Personality Edit

Solar is a lot nicer then his sister and is a bit scatterbrain.

Bio Edit

Solar is the brother of Gold and although he was raised the same way he is not that arrogant and loves anything that is extreme. Like Gold he lived in France prior to moving to Adventure Bay with Gold. He is known as a skilled inventor (even if a lot of his inventions blow up), a fan of science, a skilled mechanic and likes to participate in sports.

Appearance Edit

Solar is a fluffy Golden Retriever with long ears and a fairly long tail. With Blue eyes and a cerulean collar

Family Edit

  • Gold - Sister
  • Cocoa - Crush/Mate
  • Maxiumus -Son
  • Jupiter - Son
  • Saturn - Daughter
  • Charity - Daughter
  • Bryan - Brother in law

Friends Edit

  • Niyla (Kittens&Puppies oc with permisson)
  • Paw Patrol

Voce actorEdit

  • Pup Voice - Don Messick Voice of Scooby in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
  • Singing Voice - Roger Bart singing voice of Scamp (pup) Elton John (adult)
  • Adult Voice - Doug Erholtz voice of Gin Bleach


Although they always fail a few have worked at least once before they blew up or are still in working condition


The moment is now thanks to science

Let's fix it with solar power

Im ready to make some chemicals! (Suggested by Pip)

Trivia Edit

  • He is a bit eccentric and hyper
  • He dreams of being part of the Paw Patrol and at times pretends he is when he is at home
  • He has a crush on Cocoa
  • Being a inventor he is also a skilled mechanic
  • His inventions are made from recycled parts from pervious inventions
  • He loves extreme sports and Chemistry
  • He is the only one that knows his sister has a huge crush on Zuma
  • He also a skilled singer
  • When he gets older and marries Cocoa, He has 4 pups named Maximus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Charity.
  • He usually Calls Cocoa Angel

Fanon by meEdit

Sumea K-9 Detective and the case of the jewelled bone

Fanon by othersEdit

Gallery Edit


Solar! A gift from SonictheFox

Solar Human

Solar as he appears as a human in a crossover sequel

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