He belongs to Sarah the FBI pup and exists in Tundra's fanon. I adopted him from Confetii the party pup




Sock is tricky and very good at not making himself noticed. He is very adventurous and arrogant. He is very cocky at times, and can be a real pill. But deep down he's a sweet pup that is completely loyal to his friends and family. He is very assertive and won't hesitate to stand up for what he thinks is right. He can sometimes be a bit rash, and can also be a bit of a klutz... But he always gets up and keeps going no matter how many times he gets shot down. He is very silly and mischievous at times


He is a brown Chocolate Collsky (Chocolate lab+collie+Husky) with a white muzzle, neck, paws, and underside of tail. His tail is small, but fluffy and curled. His ears are half cropped and fold over. He has chestnut brown eyes and a red orange collar. His tag is a light sky blue color with a picture of a screw on it.


Sock was on his own with his younger sister Jeniveve for as long as he could remember. He had no memory of his parents, only a will to survive. He took good care of his sister, feeding her and being a good big brother. Until one day while Sock was away looking for food, Jenevive was caught by the dog catcher and sent to the pound. When Sock came back, he was traumatized. He had no idea where his little sister was, and after a week of looking, he finally gave up. He then fell into depression, but was pulled out of it when he ran into Sun. He partnered up with the pretty pup and they worked together to survive. But soon after, Sock heard a cry for help. He raced towards the sound to see a pup cornered by a couple of dogs. Horrified, Sock gathered everything he could find and used it as a tool to beat back the dogs. Unknown to him, Ryder was watching and was impressed with the pup. He was then asked to join the PAW patrol as the scrounger pup. At first Sock was unsure, that would mean he would have to leave Sun behind, but after some assurance from her, Sock accepted.

A while later, Sock ran into Sun again. It had been a while, and the two were overjoyed to see each other. After helping in a rescue, Sun joined as an unofficial member as well. The two finally grew closer and closer, being best friends. But then finally, Sock confronted her with his feelings and the two started dating.


Sock is a scrounger pup. He digs through things and finds useful do dads all over the city. Some he gives to Rocky, some he gives to the tech pups, other things he keeps, but it is all useful in some way. Because he's not a official member, he doesn't have a proper uniform. Nor does he have a vehicle. But what he does have of a uniform is light sky blue.


I'm trying to think of some...



  • He has a crush on Sun
  • He still hasn't found his little sister, though he looks forwards to the day they can meet again
  • He later marries Sun and they have four pups; Streaky, Krypto, Inu, and Chibi
  • He has an obsession with collecting bottle caps
  • He enjoys playing pranks on his friends


Jenevive: sister

Sun: girlfriend/mate

Streaky: daughter

Krypto: son

Inu: son

Chibi: daughter


Sun: best friends, later they grow into something more.

Rocky: They get along pretty well, and Sock likes to take special things to him

Maranda: good friends. She was the first pup he met.

he would love to make more friends


He is afraid of the supernatural, demons in particular. But he is also afraid of large rats.

Voice actorsEdit

young Sock: TBD

Teen/adult Sock: TBD

Stories he appears inEdit


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