Seen in Marshall's dream Dream Delivery.


A Sniffon is a monster that has a snake tail, two heads (lion and eagle), the front half of a lion, and the back half of an eagle. The snake and lion are both girls while the eagle is a boy. The Sniffon has two favorite foods: cookies and puppy food. In Marshall's dream, Chase, Skye, Rocky, and Lilac took on the Sniffon. First, Lilac used a snake charming flute to send the snake to her dreamland. Then, Skye and Chase handled the eagle head, after Chase reminded Skye that it's a dream so the eagle can't get her. Finally, Lilac tosses three peanut butter cookies into the lion's mouth.

After Marshall wakes up from the dream, he sees that Lilac is carrying a snake charming flute and decides not to eat peanut butter before bed and to never eat cookies again.

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