Bio Edit

Smolder is a black lab and Marshall's trainee. Ironically, he used to be scared of fires because they burned down his town but now he uses that fear as motivation.

Personality Edit

Smolder gives every situation his all, often leaving him tired and out of energy. He takes his job very, very seriously, getting up early in the morning simply to train to get faster, stronger and more accurate with his foam cannon. He is also very protective of his friends and isn't afraid to put his life on the line.

Gear Edit

Despite Marshall's fears, Smolder specializes in fire rescue (getting people out of burning buildings).

Pup Tag: Orange, smoldering coal in the middle.

Uniform: Orange fire resistant jumpsuit. He wears an orange firefighter helmet with a gas mask attachment to guard against smoke.

Pup Pack: Right Side: Foam cannon, Top: Gas masks, for people he finds in buildings, Left Side: Axe, for chopping through doors, walls and anything that threatens his friends.

Pup House/ Vehicle: Orange and the same as Marshall's.

Catchphrases Edit

"I can take the heat."

"No one gets left behind."

"Smolder at your service!"

"Ready and raring to rescue!"

Trivia Edit

  • His biggest fears are letting his friends down and not being able to save someone.
  • He does have a fun side, but it doesn't come out often.