Smalls is a first generation pup and is in Tundra's fanon universe.

Authors Note

Smalls is based on a pup that we recently adopted. It took forever for us to choose a name, but we decided on Smalls (I wanted Pistachio but mom liked Smalls better)


He has the classic Yorkshire terrier coloring except for his tail which is black on the top and brown on the bottom. He has long hair that is sort of well groomed but sorry of not. (The not to dirty not to clean look) He has dark brown eyes and wears a black collar. His left ear is bent while his right ear is pointed straight up.


Smalls is a very sweet and kind pup. He's always there to turn your frown upside down. He loves to help and is friends with everyone from the PAW Patrol. He's outgoing, sometimes not knowing when to stop, he'll chase down anything that he puts his nose on.


He's a therapy dog that helps out Kristopher at the hospital.


He was beaten when he was little by the people that use to own him, until he ran away. He ran as far as his little legs could carry him. He wandered into adventure bay, not having a clue where he was. He was so tired he fell asleep in a nice lawn (which turned out to be the grassy area behind the lookout) when he woke up he was in the lookout, he first met Marshall then everyone else.


-he loves to run

-Marshall was the first member of the PAW Patrol he met

-he doesn't have a crush

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