"I'm a trained assassin for hire. I don't ask questions." - Slay

Bio Edit

Slay's parents were attack dogs belonging to a cartel that performed many illegal activities. Slay was originally one of 4 siblings. The four of them were trained by their parents to be expert assassins, using sniper rifles and butterfly knives at a very early age. Their final test was to battle it out between each other to the death. Guess who won. As his parents were congratulating him for killing his brothers and sister, he whirled around and killed them for ordering him to kill his siblings in the first place. Afterwards, he discovered the joys of archery, and took up hunting.......... people. I'm a cut the tragic backstory there, to spare you readers some blood and gore. Eventually, he was recruited by a group called A.R.R.O.W.S., where he continues to serve as a hired assassin.

Appearance Edit

Slay is a dark brown, almost maroon, Beagle. He has brown eyes.

Gear Edit

Modified Motorcycle Helmet: Contains a heads up display linked to his headhunter arrows, vital bullets and sniper rifle scope. It's colored black with red highlights.

Uniform: A black, bullet proof motorcycle jacket for a dog that has crossed arrows on the back. It has pockets full of butterfly knives and smoke bombs.

A.R.R.O.W.S. cycle: A black suzuki sport motorcycle with red highlights. Puncture proof tires, bullet proof glass, pop out submachine guns and concealed missile launchers.

Weapons: Sniper rifle, sniper pistols (pistols with extended barrels that increase range and accuracy), a bow, a quiver with 40 head hunter arrows, a spray can full of tracking nanites as well as laser butterfly knives and smoke bombs.

Quotes Edit

"You, your nothing but a pup with a pointy stick and a bad attitude. Me? I'm a professional."

"You think you matter? You think your important? I can count on 1 paw the number of people who would care if you died right now."

Trivia Edit

  • He will kill you.
  • He didn't like killing his siblings, or his parents, but he doesn't regret it.
  • You will not encounter him on a mission and live without him hurting you in some personal way; Physically, mentally, or emotionally.

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