Chase: Well, pups. Our plans stopping the floating cat head, and bringing Skye back to life have failed

Rocky: She also has ghost powers

Marshall: And she's sooo creepy!

Chase: Well, pups. Looks like there's one thing left to do...

Others: What?

Chase: Become the Pawbusters!

All: Yeah!

(The pups (except Skye who is still a ghost) become the Pawbusters

Chase: All right, Pawbusters, let's do this!

(The pups then put their paws together and raise them)

(Meanwhile, Skye is destroying shelters with her ghost powers)

Skye: Hey, Floating Cat Head, it's fun being a ghost!

The Floating Cat Head: Yeah! I'm glad to have a ghost to help me defeat that PAW Patrol...

Chase: Stop right there! (The cat head, and Skye turn around and see the Pawbusters)

The Floating Cat Head: Let's get out of here!!!

Chase: No!

Marshall: (barks) (His Pawbuster cannon pops out and squirts Skye)

Skye: Nooooooooooo! (changes back into a pup) Oh, what happened?

Rocky: It's a long story, but we'll explain it later. Right now, we've got some ghost stopping to do!

All: Yeah!

The Floating Cat Head: Awwwwwww! They are too good! I need to stop them! (uses his ghost powers to stop them)

Chase: Oh no! He's using his ghost powers! Skye save us!

(Skye then returns as a Pawbuster then flies to stop the Floating Cat Head)

Skye: Let's take to the sky! Uses her blaster to shoot the Floating Cat Head)

The Floating Cat Head: Ouch!

All: Go Skye!

Chase: All right! He's hurt!

All: Yay!

Skye: Now to finish him off!

Chase: Pawbusters, are you ready?

All: Yeah!

(Then, the six all power up, and use their powers and defeat the Floating Cat Head)

The Floating Cat Head: Noooooooo! (dies)

All: Yay! We did it!

Chase: Good job pups! And you too, Skye!

Skye: Aww! You were worried!

Marshall: Huh?

Chase: Uhh... nothing! We should go back to the Lookout now. It's getting late

(Back at the Lookout...)

Ryder: Hi pups

All: Hi, Ryder!

Ryder: All right! Skye's okay!

Zuma: It's a long story!

All: (laughs)

(Meanwhile, as the pups are going to bed, and Chase is going to sleep, Skye comes up to him)

Chase: Hey, Skye! I'm glad you're okay. I was so worried!

Skye: Awww... Thanks Chase

Chase: I love you Skye (snuggles Skye)

Marshall: (Peeks outside Chase's pup house) Huh?

Chase: Uhh... nothing!


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