(Meanwhile, Chase, Marshall, and Rubble are looking for Skye, as Rocky, (who is holding a bat) and Zuma are looking on the other side)

Chase: No sign of Skye

(Meanwhile, Skye is hiding behind a tree and sees the pups. She then floats by Chase, Marshall, and Rubble)

Chase: What was that?

Marshall: (grabs Chase by the leg) Ohhh nowwww! Skye is a gost naw!!

Chase: Marshall, you're not saying things right. I think you should calm down

(Meanwhile, Rocky and Zuma are walking when they see Skye)

Rocky: Was that Skye?

Zuma: I think so!

(Rocky tries to hit Skye with his bat, but then she disappears)

Zuma: Where did she go?

(Skye then appears behind them)

Rocky: She's behind us!

(Skye disappears again, then appears in front of them)

Rocky: No she's in front of us!

(Skye then repeatedly appears and disappears until Rocky tries to hit her with his bat)

Rocky: I've got you now!

(But then Skye uses her ghost powers to make the bat float and hit Rocky)

Rocky: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

(Then Skye breaks the bat)

Rocky: It sure is hard to stop a ghost, isn't it?

Zuma: Yeah...

Marshall: (frighteningly) Oh noooo! Skye has... has... ghost powers!!!

Chase: Oh no! This is terrible! We need to stop that evil floating cat head, and turn Skye back to normal! I hope so, though... (whimpers)


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