(Skye follows the rabbit around the corner of the tunnel)

Skye: Mr. Rabbit wait! Wait!

(The rabbit turn around another corner and vanished as Skye turns around the corner)

Skye: Mr. Rabbit?!

(The rabbit was no where to be seen, but as Skye turned her head, she sees a light around the corner of the tunnel)

Skye: That must be where he went.

(Skye followed the light, and after she turned around the corner, she found herself in a room full of doors)

Skye: Ok, now I better go back.

(When Skye turned around she noticed the tunnel had disappeared)

Skye: Uh oh.

(Skye tried to open a door but its locked, she tried the other doors and they were locked too)

Skye: How will I get out?

(Then she saw a table in the middle of the room)

Skye: That wasn't there before.

(Skye walked toward the table and on it was a tiny key)

(She picked up the key and tried it on 4 doors but it dosen't fit them)

(Then Skye saw a curtain and walked toward it and pushed the two sides out revealing a wall behind it)

Skye: Ah.

(Then Skye looked down and sees a small door)

(She unlocks the door and opened it to reveal a garden behind it)

Skye: "Gasp" What a beautiful garden. I want to go and smell the flowers, but I can't fit through. I wish I can go small.

(Skye closes the door and locks it, then she turned around and sees a pup-bowl on the table)

Skye: Where that come from? It was never here before.


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