(On a sunny day, the pups were playing soccer except Skye who was under a tree bored)

Skye: I'm so bored and watching soccer is so boring.

(Ryder was on the other side of the field watching)

Ryder: Go Chase you can do it!

Chase: I can do this.

(Chase kicked the ball with his paws into the net)

Zuma: You did it Chase you've one.

Everest: I say your a pro.

Penelope: Yeah.

Lilac: Uh huh.

Rocky: But what about Skye?

Tundra: Yeah, what about her?

Marshall: I think shes bored Rocky.

Rubble: Hey, Ryder can make sure shes all right?

Ryder: Alright.

(Ryder walks over to Skye)

Ryder: You ok Skye?

Skye: I'm just so bored Ryder.

Ryder: Well I think reading a book could help you.

Skye: Really?

Ryder: Uh huh. Hey Everest. could you get the book for me please?

Everest: Sure thing Ryder.

(Everest ran to Ryder's bag on his ATV and grabs a book with her mouth and ran to Ryder and gives him the book)

Ryder: Thank you Everest.

Everest: Your welcome.

Ryder: Here you go Skye.

(Ryder puts the book down near Skye and she looks at the title)

Skye: "Alice in Wonderland" sounds fine to me.

Ryder: Alright Skye me and the other pups have got to get back to our game.

(Ryder and Everest walked back to the soccer field as Skye opens the book)

Skye: This is going to be a great book.

(While Skye was reading she gets very sleepy)

Skye: "YAWNS" I'm so tired.

(Before she closed her eyes Skye suddenly saw a white rabbit went by her)

Skye: Huh?

(The white rabbit was wearing a vest and glasses)

(The rabbit pulls out a pocket watch from the vest and looks at it)

White Rabbit: Oh dear oh dear I shall be too late. "Runs off"

(Skye ran after the white rabbit into the woods when she was full of ceriousity)

Skye: Mr. Rabbit.

(The rabbit jumped into a rabbit hole and dissappeared)

(Skye ran to the hole and peaked in)

Skye: Mr. Rabbit?

(She walked inside the hole and turned around and walked backwards)

Skye: Where he go?

(Suddenly, one of Skye's paws were put on the edge of a down tunnel and she slipped)


(Skye falls down and down the tunnel and began to fall slowly)

Skye: I really don't have my jet pack for this.

(While Skye was falling she saw furnature on the walls)

Skye: Wow.

(Skye looks down the hole)

Skye: I wonder this hole goes on forever.

(Then there was no more furnature on the walls and Skye fell fast again)

Skye: AAAAHHHH!!!!! Oof.

(Skye landed on a pile of leaves and as she got off Skye sees the rabbit running down the tunnel)

White Rabbit: Oh my ears and whiskers oh how late its getting.

Skye: Wait Mr. Rabbit wait up.

(Skye ran down the tunnel and after the rabbit)

~To Be Continued~

(Click here for part 2)

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