Ryder: there's a storm heading into Adventure Bay so let's all head out to make sure every thing is tided down.

Ryder: Skye and chase you go and make sure every one is getting inside and when the storm hit's.Then Skye go patrol over Adventure Bay and tell us when the storm is coming this way.

Skye: We are done .I'm heading out patrol . Ryder: Okay be careful out there it's getting very windy out there'

Skye: Okay.

Skye: Everything looks okay up here. I don't see the storm anywhere.

Skye: Ryder the storm is coming i'm going to head in.

Ryder: Okay hurry up.

Skye: Oh no i'm getting sucked in the storm Ryder I need help! Ryder: I'm on my way.

Skye: I'm going out of control I'm heading into a hill help!

Ryder: Skye are u okay . Skye: I think so OUCH ! No my paw hurts i don't think I can walk.

Ryder: Oh no let's get you home then I will call the Vet.

Vet Aeriel: Well Skye you will have to take it easy for a while. Skye: Oh no what will i do'

Ryder: well you will just have to stay in bed for a week so you will heel faster.

Skye: I hope I'll get better soon and that there will be no mission's.

Ryder: Oh well we just got a mission sorry Skye okay chase i need you to block the road and Marshal i need your ladder.

Chase: Chase is on the case. Marshal: I'm all fired up.

Ryder:OH no Marshal's ladder isn't long enough we need Skye but she can't fly.

Ryder: Zuma come in I need you to try to fly Skye's plane.

Zuma: Okay I'll try my best. Ryder: Good i new i could count on you.

Zuma: WHOA! I am almost there. Ryder: Okay just let down the harnest and get it on Sal.

Zuma: okay i got it on Sal the cow bringing her down.Ryder: Good job Zuma i new you could do it.

Skye: Yeah good job and i think my paw is feeling better soon I will be ready to fly agin soon.

Skye:But for the mean while Zuma you make a pretty good Skye Haha!

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