skye being lazy and rich

Story #3

Skye: I'm going to teach everyone how to get rich!

Skye: The first thing you need to do is get a pot full of soil. Then you take exactly 42¢ and put it in the pot.

Skye: And you have to water it every day!

Paige: Good luck! Ha ha!

Skye: It's gonna work! (waters it)

The next day..........

There was a little sprout in the pot.

Paige: See! Money doesn't grow on trees!

Skye: Oh hush!

Week 2 ............

Skye: WOW! It's too big for the pot! I'm going to plant it in the ground!

Paige: It's not gonna grow money!

A few days later........

Skye: YES!

Paige: NO!

The was money in the tree!

Skye: I'M RICH! (picking the money)

Paige: Give me some! I helped! (tackles her)

Skye: No! GET OFF ME!

Grace: OOOOOH! Money! (takes it)

Skye and Paige stopped fighting.

Both: GET HER!

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