Rocky : Ready for your race Skye.

Skye : Ready.

Rocky : Screwdriver out.

Skye : See You.

(Skye fly off to the paw patrol's bus then meet Cat Skye)

Cap'n Turbot : Go!

(Chase deploy some Drones to get Cat Skye out. Then Skye is reach the 2000 m. out Of 10 000 M Clockwise. Skye Give Her Helicopter the Best Way to win. Teleporting to 4900 m.Then 4950 m Then 4990 m Then 5000 m)

Skye : How's it going my meter ahead Ryder?

Ryder : Skye. 6.5 Km with Quarter

Skye : Thanks.

Rocky : Boost if you stop this would work.

(Skye is reached 9.998 km with boost)

Skye : Yes. Close.

Chase : Cat Skye Would Never.

Rocky : Yeah

Skye : How's It Going?

Ryder : 10000 meters!

(Skye finishes as she go to land)

Pups : Yes! Skye!

Skye : Thanks.

(The End)

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