Skittles is a first gen pup owned and co-owned by PrincessHyperSkippy aka Skippy on DA and RockyDog (I know XD I just made a new oc tho i am in a mood for two more.)

Personality Edit

She is full of energy. She is super friendly. She is also very kind and helpful. She is never mean. She doesn't have a mean bone in her at all.

Appearance Edit

She is a mix breed no one knows what she is. She is a mostly a all white dog. She has a few dark blue spots of on her her legs that goes half way down as spots. Then her paws are brown. She also has a few yellow spots on her back as well. She has fluffy floppy ears that are white. She is tho small she's a bit taller then Skye. Tho still smaller then Rubble. She's got also a huge fluffy tail. With yellow tip tail. She's got big eye's she is a blue eye on the left and a brown eye on the right.

Bio Edit

Her. life with her brothers was tricky, They were both born stray's. They never really had a family to call they own. They lived on the streets of Adventure Bay with they mother. Tho..when they were just...when there were 3 months old Skittles..was in running towards the streets...and her mother saved her...tho she didn't make now her and Tic Tac were on there own. When she found out her brother was deaf from listened to loud music to much she tries her best to help him.

Stories she's in Edit

Present Gen Edit

Future Gen Edit

A sweet addition to the DPP

Pups and The Present Drive

The Disabled PAW Patrol goes to London (mentioned)

Pups and the search for the Easter Puppy

Double Blooming Romance, A Pair of New Beginnings

Fears Edit

astrophobia fear of storms

Fear of heights

Pyrophobia Fear of Fire

Trivia Edit

Do not give her any sweets or she get super hyper.


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