(One Sunny day in Adventure Bay)

At city hall........

(In the center circle of flower, the flowers start shaking) (Cael flies out of the orange and purple flowers with a big blue flower) (He gives it to Ocean)

Ocean: *gasp* Aww Cael! That's very sweet.

(He rubs his cheek against her)

Skit: Hi Ocean.

Ocean: Hi! I was just going around town today. Wanna come?

Skit: Okay. (Smiles happily)

At the Pup Park..........

(Marie, Rocky, Chase, and Marshall are there)

Ocean: Hi guys!

All 4: Hi!

Marie: Skit, wanna play?

(Skit looks at Ocean)

Ocean: Na, I'm going to the ski resort, wanna come?

Marie: Theres a ski resort!!!!????

Ocean: Yup.

Marie: I'm coming! Ill just take Marshalls snowboard. 

(Marshall sticks his head out of the tunnel)

Marshall: What?

Marie: Nothing!

Skit: I'm coming!

Ocean: Tag along!

Skit: (sadly) What?

Ocean: I'm kidding! (Nudges him)

(Skit blushes)

At the ski resort........

(Skit slides up and down the slopes) (He stops in front of Marie and Ocean)

Ocean: Wow! You're good.

Skit: Thanks.

Cael: Tweet! 

Skit: Thanks dude!

Ocean: My feet are too small to fit in the foot hoop, things.

(Skit leaves again)

Marie: It's freezing!

Ocean: Yeah. Wanna head back to the lookout?

Marie: Yes!


Skit: (calls out) OH! COMING!!!

(On the way back the girls talk while Skit thinks to himself)

Skit: (thinks) Wow! It sure is fun to be in the Paw Patrol.

They head back to the Lookout to find Marshall looking for his snow board

Marie:(Fake asking)What are you looking for?

Marshall:My snowboard!

Ocean:I know where it is!

Skit:Me to!

Marshall:You do! Where is it!

Both:Marie has it!:)

Marie:(With a guilty look)Sorry! I'll never do it again!

She runs to the lookout and stuffs her head in a pillow

Pups:HA HA HA!

Marshall:Why did you guys do that!


Skit:We didn't do anything,honest!

Marshall:How could you laugh at Marie!



Marshall yells random thing at them and they leave

Ocean:Marshall spoils her.

Skit:Rule number one,never laugh at Marie or Marshall will blow your head of.

Skye:Hey ocean and...(whispers to Ocean) Stupid Mutt

Skit:I heard that and i'm not a Mutt!


Skye:Don't care

Chase:Skye be nice! Sorry skit!

Skit:It's fine(whispers)In my opinion cockapoos are stupid!


Chase:What you get Skye

Skye:Chase your not helping!

Ocean:Why should he help someone like you!


Skye storms of leaving the sheperd greyhound and (fill in later)

Chase:Maybe  you should make friends with the others.

Both:Good idea!

Skit: I'm sorry

Ocean: Me too

Skit: It's just all my life I've been called a scum or a mutt and I'm starting to believe it (sniffs)

Skye: I'm sorry too

Ocean: Hey guys

Skit: We made up

Chase: Good

Buster: hello Skit

Skit: Buster!?!? What are you doing here?

Buster: To take you back to the dump

Skit: No way

Marie: We don't want him to leave

Ocean: Ya

Ryder: Go away you mutt!

Rocky: hey!

Ryder: Sorry Rocky

Buster: Fine but I will come back

He left in the blink of an eye

Marshall: I'm scared now guys

Skit: Nah don't worry spot when he says he'll come back he won't it's just to scare you


Skye: He he you were right Skit

Skit: I know I am

Ryder: Who wants ice cream?

Pups: We do, we do!

At mr porters...

Ryder: In honour of our new member Skit the detective pup

Skit smiled proudly and puffed out his chest a bit

Buster: (from a distance watching them) I'll get him back... Someday

the end

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