Skit walked around the town when he noticed a beautiful silver female puppy with a white collar.

Skit: Wow!

??????: Wow what?

Skit: Uuuggghhh.... The town.

??????: Yeah, it's cool. I'm Jewel and you are?

Skit: S-S-Skit.

Jewel: Nice name, hey I'm new in town can you show me around?

Skit: S-S-Sure!

Jewel: Okay where should we start?

Skit: Mr. Porter'.

Jewel: I've heard it's a great restaurant, okay.

Skit: Great let's go!

Chase: (sees them) ooh! Skit's got a girl I've got to tell the rest!

At the lookout...

Ocean: Hey Chase.

Chase: Guys I've gotta tell you somethin'.

Marie: What?

Chase: Skit's got a girl.

Marie:That's not news!

Skye:Yeah thats a rumor!

Others:Chase is a liar!

Chase:No I'm not!

Ocean:We need proof then.

Marie:Yeah lamo!

Rosa:Shut your trap Marie! We would like to see it.

Chase:Follow me!

They get to Mr. Porters to find Skit paying a bill.

Chase:Told you so!

Ocean:(growl) Lets leave.

Marshall:Whats the matter Ocean?

Marie:(playing)Jealousy? Or is it your regular behaviour! No wonder you're called greyhounds!

Rubble: Quit Marie!

(Marie hits rubble with her wok)

Rubble: Ow!

Honey: Lets get out of-

Skit: What are you doing here?

Marie: Well-

Marshall: Marie and I were heading to Mr.Porters and they started following us. Right guys?

Others: Right.

Jewel:(In nice manner)You know you're bad at lying right? (thinking) Even the mutt with long ears.

Marie: Hey.

Skit: Well how about you quit spying on us?

Jewel: Yeah!

Rocky: Ok!

They leave.

Zuma: (sarcastically) That was fun.

Ocean:(sarcastically) Yay!

Honey: Never spy on people.

(Later in Oceans pup house) (She playing a video game)

Ocean: Greyhound! Ha! I'm as white as a-

Cael: Tweet!

Ocean: Thank you for not pecking Marie. She was just joking, and if you did, she'd throw you in Marissas stir-fry.

(Cael gets a worried look)

Ocean: I'm joking! 

(Honey walks in) 

Honey: Oh Ocean!

Ocean: Yes?

Honey: Time to spy. (Rubs her paws together)

Ocean: Aren't we done with that?

Honey: No, spying's great! We just don't need more pups, and woks.

Ocean: Well let's go see.

(At the Pup Park)

(Skit and Jewel are going down the slide)

Jewel: I'm sorry if I made your friends mad.

Skit: N-No. I-I-Its fine.

(The girls and Cael are in the bushes)

Ocean: *whispers* I've never seen Skit studder so much.

Honey: *whispers* I believe that's Korean.

(Ocean rolls her eyes)

(In the bushes, a berry is on Honeys head, Cael pecks at it)


(Jewel and Skit walk over to them)

Skit: More spying?

Ocean: Without the Chases, Skyes, Marie's, Rubbles, and wonks.

Jewel: Aww. Cute robin.

Ocean: His names Cael. Isn't she nice Cael, Cael?

(Cael is giving Jewel a lovey look)

Skit: Back off dude!

All: Hahaha!

Ocean and Cael: Chirp chirp!

Skit: Can we keep this between the 4 of us?

Cael: Tweet!

Skit: 5 of us?

Jewel, Honey, and Ocean: Yeah.

(In the other bushes)

(Chase, Skye, Marie, and the rest are in the bushes)

All in the bushes: *giggles*

'The End'

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