He is 14 (2 years) old border collie

Personality Edit

He is rebellious and sarcastic until he meets Jewel then he turns nice he dislikes Skye a bit for saying mean things about him

Appearance Edit

In his first episode he has black and white fur with yellow and red highlights he soon changes it to brown and cream he has sticky up ears and an eye patch because of an accident in his puppyhood

History Edit

Skit is NOT his real name in fact nobody knows his name. He doesn't like to talk about his history much but he will reveal it soon

Bio Edit

Some people think he's a scum but he's not. He likes hanging out with Honey (his best friend). He still acts like a junkyard dog and after work goes back to live there. His doesn't have a badge just a detective hat a suit

Quotes Edit

- I really don't wanna talk about it

- The detectives on the act!

Trivia Edit

- He is the only member to have changed his look

- He is great at xbox

- For some unknown reason he doesn't like to talk about his past

- He has an eye patch

Gallery Edit

Skits new look

Skit's new look (old look coming soon)

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