In tribute to the Winter Olympics, the Paw Patrol have decided to take a winter sport. Let's see how that goes.

Skye: Come on Chase!

Chase: Coming! Whoa!

(He fell flat on his bum)

Skye: Hehehe! Chase, are you okay?

Chase: Yeah! It's sure hard to walk in skates.

Skye: Try skating on them!

Chase: *sigh* Couldn't we of went to the snowboarding hill?

Skye: Come on!

Chase: Whoa! The ice is so beautiful!

(Chase was talking about Skyes eyes too)

Skye: So first, just stand on the ice. Balance is everything!

Chase: Balance is everything. Got it!

Skye: Now, kick each front leg out one at a time, the back legs hold you up!

Chase: Uh huh.

Skye: Now skate, slowly!

Chase: *gasp* I'm skating! I'm skating!

Skye: WOW! You can skate!

Chase: I can skate! I just wanted to um,

Skye: Huh?

Chase: To skate with you! So we could figure skate together....

Skye: Oh! I love figure skating!

Skye: Watch this!

She jumped high up and did 3 spins in the air.

Chase: How about this!

Chase went in a figure 8.

Chase: Or this!

He picked up Skye.

Skye: Haha! Chase!

Zuma: What's up dudes!

Chase: We're skating!

Zuma: Like this! 

Zuma: Did a fast spin across the ice.

Skye: No! It's more like this!

Skye did the same thing but faster

Chase: (thinks) Great.

Chase: So, are we still skating?

Skye: Oh yeah! Sorry Zuma, you need a partner!

Zuma: A partner huh? (Runs off)

Chase: And I have a feeling he will be back.

At the lookout.........

Marie: Marshall! COME BACK WITH MY.... Hi Zuma!

Zuma: Hi, um, anyway! Can you figure skate?

Marie: A little b.....

Zuma: (grabs her) Great let's go!

Marie: Zuma!

Marie: We're are we going!!!!?

Zuma: Ice skating.

Marie: Yay!

Zuma: To cream Skye!

Marie: Aww!

When they got to the skate rink there was a sign on the door.

Zuma: (Reading)

Dear visitors,

The annual pup skating competition will be held in 2 days at noon. All are welcome to join, or come to watch.

The Westside skating rink


(He grabs the paper)

Marie: Oh, are you gonna show Sky that?

Zuma: No! I'm gonna prevent her from seeing it!

Marie: Zuma!

Zuma: Yes?

Marie: You can't do that!

Zuma: It's fine!

Skye: Well, I guess Chase was right.

Chase: *sigh* Sooooooo are we done?

Skye: Ya! Let's watch Zuma!

Zuma: Fine! Prepare to be impressed!

Zuma: Ok Marie, all we have to do skate a few circles.

Marie: Ok!

Zuma: Then me and you will hold hands and spin.

Marie: Sure?

Zuma: Then you spin on one leg.

Marie: Umm.

Zuma: Finally, jump in my arms and I'll spin you!

Marie: Marshall has my bone! 

Zuma: Later! Now start!

Marie: Haha. I guess this is alright!

Skye: Look at him. He thinks he's sooooooo better!

Zuma: Ready!

Marie: Okay!

Both: Weeeeee!

Skye: Grr.

Marie: K, now I just, HEY! I'm doing it!

Zuma: *howls*

Marie: Here I come!

Zuma: Got it!

Marie: This is  diiiiiiizy!

They fall over

Both: Oof!

Skye: Hehehe!

Zuma: Let's practice that landing!

Marie: Haha! Zuma.

On the way out they ran into each other.

Skye: I hope you weren't going to the skate competition.

Zuma: We are!

Skye: Oh really! Well, good luck!

Marie: That was fun!

Chase: Good job!

Marie: Thanks!

Zuma: Let's go!

Skye: Come on Chase!

That morning......

Skye: Get up Chase!

Chase: Huh? What?

Skye: Let's get to the rink!

Chase: Oh.

Several hours later.....

Chase: It's midnight! I'm going home with or without you!

Skye: Fine.

The day was here

Skye: Look at all these pups! There going down!

Chase: Um Skye.

Both sides of the rink were Chase and Skye and Zuma and Marie are

Marie: Zuma, listen.

Chase: I can't do this.

Marie: It's too overwhelming.

Chase: It's not fun anymore.

Marie: I'm sorry.

Zuma and Skye: WHAT! FINE!

Announcer: Next up, Zuma and Marie, then Chase and Skye!


Skye: Oh, hello Zuma.

Zuma: Hello Skye.





Skye: *gasp* We can do it together!

Zuma: I don't know...

Skye: (grabs him) Come on!

Zuma: HEY!

At the lookout........

Chase: Give it back!

Marshall: Never!!!!!

Marie: Yes!

Marshall: No no no no no!

Marie: Please.

Marshall: O.k!

Chase: What!?

Skye: Hi Chase!

Zuma: Look at our trophy!

Marie: Wow!

Skye: It was an amazing feeling!

Zuma: And we decided to work together! To always win!

Chase: Ok?

Zuma: By the way, who's bone is this?

Marie: GIVE IT!


Skye: HA! You scream like a girl!

Zuma: (blushes) DO NOT!

All: Haha! (Starting to play chase)

THE END   :) :)

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