this are third gen pups that belong to sunnypuppy45 and crescenttherangerpup98.

Bio Edit

Tide: (coming soon)

Mar: (coming soon)

Light: (coming soon)

Dagan: (coming soon)

Appearance Edit

Tide: A english borzoi/Husky mix with short white husky fur and celeste paws. Her collar is blue.

Mar: (in progress)

Light: (in progress)

Dagan: A mediums sized celeste english borzoi/husky mix. He wears a orange cap and a orange collar.

Personality Edit

Tide: A bipolar pup who can be a little bit too kind which overwhelms others. She gets along better with her dad and doesn't like being separated from zero.

Mar: (coming soon)

Light: (coming soon)

Dagan: A kind pup who acts as a bad pup. He is very lazy and at the same time lucky. He has weird tastes for almost everything in life. Gets along better with his mom. He is sleepy most of time and forgets stuff quick.

Trivia Edit

  • Tide inherits Alba's plush, zero.

favourite food Edit

Dagan;sea food

fears Edit

Tide: Being stuck in a high tide.

Dagan: Poisoned fur

Likes Edit

Dagan: Apollo the superpup. Fanfic writting. His mom

Tide: Zero. Her dad.

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