this pup belongs to Sarah the FBI pup. She is Sarah's semi older sister

Info Edit

Shiloh 2

Shiloh's new pic

Shiloh is sweet and fun-loving. Nothing can get her down. She is always trying to make her siblings laugh by pulling jokes and pranks. She is very supportive of her siblings, and even though she is younger than Leroy, will sometimes act as the oldest. She has a hard time taking things too seriously, but will get down to business if someone threatens her family. She is very good at listening and is usually the one her siblings go to too feel better.

Appearance Edit

Like her siblings, she is a Yellowmation. A fabulous concoction of a Yellow lab and a Dalmation. She is light yellow with white spots. Her eyes are blue-violet. Her collar is a bright pink color with a heart tag.

Family Edit

Rob: Father

Daphne: mother

Leroy: younger brother

Sarah the FBI pup: younger siste

Zuma: brother in law

Cinnamon: niece

Simon: nephew

Star(Sarah): niece

Courge: great nephew

Cheetah: little brother

Dolsen: uncle

Rollo: cousin

Thorn: cousin

Trivia Edit

  • She has no crush yet.
  • she is always looking for ways to spoil her neices and nephew.
  • She loves twizzlers.
  • she is very optimistic
  • She is afraid of Honey Badgers

Stories she appears in Edit


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