Shelt is a first Generation pup adopted from PitbullLover by Mystic Eevee


Shelt was adopted by a family of bakers when he was a puppy. And after a constant movement between his owners home, and their family ran bakery he got the feel for baking at a young age. And after a couple of months and after his first birthday he was apart of the family and the business they ran as he was put to work by the family. And then after the families children moved out and the parents passed on Shelt found the Paw Patrol and began baking them treats after they came back from missions.


Shelt is an Old English Sheep Dog with Black fur and White on top of his muzzle and white on his belly, paws, and his tail is white. He has light black eyes and wears a Red collar with an Orange tag with a chef's hat and a spoon on it.


Shelt is fun but a bit lazy. He likes to spend most of his days just relaxing on a bean bag watching the other pups play. He is a bit older than the current gen pups so he's a bit more mature but he can still play like a puppy. He loves to play tag and soccer but other than that he just enjoyes relaxing and watching the others play.


Desert and Restaurant baking pup, but he normally helps Mr. Porter on busy days

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Shelt drawn by PitbullLover

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