She belongs to SistersShiraandSkye

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Description: Edit

She is a 26 year old girl. She's tall with long black hair. Sharren has blue eyes. She wears sandals or flip flops a lot unless at her job where she wears sneakers. She wears jeans at her job an shorts outside of her job. Sharren wears short sleeve shirts.

Personality: Edit

She's very kind and hardworking. She loves to work at the museum as its curator (aka manager). Outside of her job she loves to play especially with Cleopatra.

Trivia: Edit

• she is a human

• she's Cleopatra's owner

• she loves to play all games, work and spend time with Cleopatra

• her boyfriend is Marcello but she calls him Marc for short

• she has inherited her parents money an their house

• her parents and her are rich but she keeps the money she inherited in the bank and in a safe

• she loves to work to make her money

• her parents are deceased


1) fire

2) Sharks

3) bugs

• birthday's August 12th

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