Shade is a first Generation pup created by Mystic Eevee. Shade is the true killer of Rachel's father


Shade grew up as stray pup and he degraded his parents by not only dropping out of school, but actually telling his parents that he didn't need them. Shade after telling his parents off Shade then went off to live his life as stray until he met a family in a place in Foggy Bottom called One Tree Park where he met Rachel and her family and then things went downhill from there..


Shade is a Grayish-Black German Wire haired Pointer Dog with red eyes. He is a stray pup so he doesn't have a collar or tag on him.


Shade is a very cunning, and shady pup, but also is very shy around the member of the Paw Patrol, and most of the attorney since he knows that if they found out his secret they will send him to the pound


Thinks he is the baddest stray around

A very cunning killer who uses a couple of strong methods of planning

The name for him was suggested by Crescenttherangerpup98

His heart basically turned black on him after seeing the death of his brother and sister right in front of his eyes


Turnabout pup: Family Reunion


Blood Runs Cold In A Dark Shade

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