Setanta is a present gen oc owned by Sportthewolfsky

Bio Edit

Setanta was born by a breeder, and when he was old enough he was sold. He started to be abused and a wire was tied around his neck. He was tied to pole for days on end until he finally managed to escape. He lives around Adventure Bay and isn't very comfortable with being touched.

Personality Edit

Setanta is a shy pup and likes to be on his own a lot. He has trust issues and pushesaway anyone who tries to get close to him. But if he ever does get close enough to someone he comes out of his shell and is much happier and bubbly. And though he doesn't like it when people touch him, he likes being scratched behind the ear. He has heterochromia and has one golden eye and one blue eye.

Appearance Edit

Setanta is a border collie and is completely white except for half of his face and "saddle" which are black. He has one perked ear and one semi-flopped ear with a small notch in it. He has a scar around his neck from the wire and a tiny scar on his shoulder

Trivia Edit

  • He is scared of humans except for Ryder and Katie
  • He is named after Setanta in "The Legend of Cú Chulainn"
  • he is good friends with Xavier

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