Appearance Edit

Serenity is a Great Dane bloodhound mix. She has two different colored eyes. She right is blue and her left is brown. She has a turquoise collar with a red heart as a pup tag and has a Pink bow on the left side of her ear.

Personality Edit

Serenity is a sweet and kind pup.but a tomboy and sassy if she doesn't get it her way. Sometimes people call her a crybaby because She cry's a lot for no reason. She is a happy go lucky puppy but if make her mad she get's sassy and pouts.

Stories Appeared in Edit

By me : Edit

By others : Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She had a crush on Jericho but when she saw that Jessyca and him were dating she went on to Josue.
  • She dumped Josue for Ericho a few months later.
  • Ericho and Serenity started dating after they went on a couple dates.
  • She pouts and cry's a lot
  • She had a best friend named Ariel
  • She has a crush on Ericho

Gallery <3 Edit


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