She is owned by Chase the police pup555

Bio Edit

As a pup, she had a gardener for an owner. But an unfateful day, A fire started in the house and the owner was sadly killed. She still likes to garden and plant, but she does it in the name of her owner. One day she meets Tic Tac and immediately falls for the pup.

Personality Edit

As her name implies she is very secluded and peaceful. She never gets angry enough to hurt someone. She just relies on someone else to deal with them. She is very obedient though! She always will listen. She sometimes tries to be collected and calm.

Appearance Edit

She is White and has a tan tip on her ears, Chest and two front paws. She has a black tipped, Curly, fluffy tail. She has olive green eyes and sometimes wears a sunglasses. But doesn't have the courage to keep it on. She has puffy floppy ears and a few black splotches on her paws.

Crush Edit

As a pup she thinks love is overrated, so she doesn't mind but as she grows, all her other friends find crushes. She doesn't want to be left alone, she meets Tic Tac one day. She becomes friends with him and as they become BFFs she start to feel some emotions towards the deaf pup.

Gallery Edit

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