Sebastian is a male mer-pup and is created by/owned by SmokythePolicePup.


Sebastian is a merpup who's dog breed is a Schipperke and has black fur with a dark purple tail with cream fins with aqua accents. He has orange eyes


Sebastian is a fun-loving mer-pup. He likes to swim around and do flips into the air. One of his favorite things to do is during the Mer-Moon, turning pups into mer-pups so he will have more friends to play with. He rarely gets bored and always looks on the bright side.


By Me:

By Others:



  • He is a mer-pup.
  • He is named after Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid.
  • He has a big crush on Delora after meeting her in deep water one day.
  • He thinks it's funny to spit sea water at other pups and sailors.
  • A few of his friends are Atlantis and Marine.


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