Scraps is a zombie bull terrier, a civilized pet and a half-member of the PAW Patrol.


Scrsps is a white bull terrier with black ears, a black tail and black stitches with a spotted patch of fabric sewed to his back. He has two large bolts sticking out of his neck and sometimes wears a black collar.


Spunky and curious, Scraps enjoys hanging out in his haunted house with his teenage owner, Sally. He also loves hanging out with the beautiful chocolate brown poodle, Persephone, who later becomes his mate.


While pursuing a ball, Scraps was hit by a car and killed. His owner decided to bring him back to life, which Tundra had seen and agreed to keep the whole ordeal a secret. Despite being a dog, humans can't understand him and just hear barking, but to the dog ear and Sally, he can talk and is usually a very good at sneaking out to see Persephone. Tundra, Rocky and Ruby are very good friends with him and secretly made him a half-member of the PAW Patrol.


  • He can't talk to humans, except Sally
  • He was inspired by Sparky from Frankenweenie
  • He is in a totally different Fanon universe, which is mentioned on Elsa's page where she doesn't habe Ice Powers until she's in her teens


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