Summary:Sophie and Michelle are back and plan on getting rid of the paw patrol Katie Ace Alex and Cali but the scooby crew are here to save the day can they find ryder and chase? Find out for yourself Story:(The episode starts with a night at the lookout and chase finds Ryder at the top of the lookout) Chase:(yawns)Ryder what are you doing up so late? Ryder:I couldent sleep thinking of Ace Sorensen's stunt. (As they talk noies can be heard) Ryder:what was that? Chase:I dont know. (They go out to investigate) Ryder:Hello? Chase:Hello? Skye? Ryder:Katie? (Two shadows apper and they gasp seeing this ans the figuers attack them)

scoobydoo:raggy relp!

shaggy:over here scoob.

fred:here they come.

(they nab the ghost)

Fred:it's ok shaggy we got him.

shaggy:like tell that to scoob.

velma:now let's see who the lighthouse ghoul really is.

(pulls off mask and our ghoul is)

gang:old man Elme!

Elmer:yup this lighthouse is my home and real estate people were ganna take it and I would have gotten away with it too if it weret for you meddling kids!

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