These pups belong to Chase the police pup555, No HATE!!

Crack Ship Edit

In The Crack Ships Series a male can give birth to pups and Anthony gives birth to these.

Scramble X Anthony pups.

Next Generation: ScrambleXAnthony Edit

Parachute: He is very peppy and serious like his father, And He is a "daddy's boy" and loves to make fun of his sister. But he always gets away with it. He knows when to control himself though and would never hurt his sister.

Light: She is very sweet to everyone, especially her brother, despite him being mean to her. She loves and adores everyone!

Appearances Edit

Parachute: He has Scramble's markings but Anthony's color. He has a huge fluffy tail.

Light: She has Light grey spots on both her ears. She has a dark brown back with silver legs and black socks.

She has her father's Face and a skinny,curled tail.

Trivia Edit

  • Scramble named his son
  • Anthony named his daughter
  • They secretly like to go and disturb Chase and Smoky's Pups, a lot!
  • Parachute has a crush on Aleu


As pups, the two believed that they didn't need love, but one day, Parachute met Aleu and immediately fell for the pup. Aleu and him eventually start dating and get married. Light supports her brother but is still looking for one.

Gallery Edit


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