Sarabi is a first gen pup that belongs to Tundrathesnowpup


Sarabi is a rusty red Rhodesian Ridgeback pup with a darker ridge of fur standing up against her spine, ears, and a white splotch on her chest. She also has a darker brown muzzle that curls against her top lip. She has bright copper-gold eyes and wears a white collar. Her badge has a soft creamy background, with a picture of a red stethoscope forming a heart.


Always calm and collected, Sarabi is a very thoughtful and friendly pup. She acts very motherly towards everyone she meets, especially to smaller animals. She's never had a harsh word on her tongue, but that could change if someone threatens something or someone that she loves. She usually has a positive outlook on things, and tries her best to keep calm under pressure, never being someone to back down from a challenge.


  • She works as a vet/paramedic pup for Deaton and his own PAW Patrol branch 
  • She was named after Simba's mother, one of my favorite Disney moms
  • Another coincidence for her name- Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe, and have been known as Van Rooyen's lion dog, the African lion hound or African lion dog because of its ability to keep a lion at bay.
  • She's good friends with LilybellAshlynn, and Faux
  • When she's older, she mentors Eugene
  • As a pup, she puts work and her friends before herself, not interested in love or dating...But as she gets older, she starts to slowly gain feelings towards her team-mate, Zeno, very impressed by all his determination and mindset, she starts to fall for him

Stories she appears in:Edit


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