Samuel is the PAW Patrol's Art and Forest Rescue/Animal pup. His best friends are Chase, and Chloe and Sugarbear are his family (well... kinda... he adopted Sugarbear from a shelter when he was 7 (in human years) and Chloe from his neighbors)


Samuel is a smart and clumsy kid. He is a fan of the pups and even meets them in "Pups meet Samuel. He also has lots of competitions against his best friends, mostly Chase. Samuel doesn't like to get angry, and when he does, you better run! Samuel sometimes slaps people when they annoy him (like Rubble). Samuel is also the art and animal pup, meaning that he draws a lot, and he sometimes works with Zuma to help animals, mostly whales, and the forest (he tries to stop deforestation). Another reason he is the animal pup is due to him changing to animals (he's normally a human, but he stays as a dog when he's with the with the pups and Ryder, in the lookout, or on a mission). Hero, who I'm thinking about making Chases brother or cousin, is Samuel's trainee.


Samuel as a human: He wears green and blue pants, but if he needs to help as a human, he wears a red shirt and white pants (to help Chase with cones)or wears a tan coat and pants with his green shirt (to stop deforestation)

Samuel as a dog: He is a golden retriever, except whenever he's on a mission he wears his suit.

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