After The Sinking of Britannic

The Adventure Bay people entered MV Princess Of The Stars...

Adventure Bay Peoples watched ABN (Adventure bay news)

ABN: Typhoon fengshen is raised on Philippines.....

All The Adventure bay people: HOLY STORM POOP! 

PAW Patrol: Ryder I dont care about the wierd fengshen storm thing. 

Ryder: Me Too either

During The Storm

Filipino captain: WEAR YOUR Life Jackets Princess Of The Stars is in trouble!

Paw Patrol: Zuma! Use Your hovercraft! 

Zuma: Ok!

Princess Of The Stars Contacted Sulpicio lines and begins Capsizing

All of the passengers: Im Gonna Die:(

Princess Of The Stars wrecked:(

Paw patrol: IM DROWING! 

Princess Pup Uses Explode Storm power

Princess of the stars was raised to sailing version Passengers spotted dead exept paw patrol which landed on Minecraft Submarine MC CrosselCrew

                                              The End

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