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These pups were created by SunnyPuppy45 PrincressHyperSkippy & SistersShiraandSkye

Descriptions: Edit

Ra: He has a medium sized tail like his dad. His fur is black except for his back paws which are white and his front paws are yellow. Ra has brown chest and a white tail with orange ears and spots around his eyes. Like his mom he has green eyes. Ra has pointed ears. He wears a blue collar with a green zigzag on it.

Busta: he looks like his mom mostly. He's got her grey long fur and her tail. He's got black paws and got tho yellow spots around his eyes and tail tip like his father. Also like his father he has dark blue eye.

Teal & Xena:

.Personalities: Edit

Ra: He is a kind and caring pup. Ra loves to help others. He is shy around new pups and people but once he gets to know them he opens up and loves to be around them. He's protective of his family and friends. He gets inspired and looks up to his mom, dad, & Chase.

Busta: Unlike his brother. He is not shy at all. He's very out going. He loves to help others and make new friends. He loves his siblings.

Teal & Xena:

Trivia: Edit

• Ra calls Ruskin uncle Ruskin or uncle Rus

• Ra means God of Sun

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