The paw patrol was playing basketball in the park and Mayorgoodway but Ryder bumped into gril named Tanae what they didn't know that Ryder has a crush on Tanae.




















   Chapter One

The meet

It was a sunny day and the gang was having a picnic. With Inuyasha, Kagome, Songo, Shippo.

Jasmine: What a nice day for a picnic.

Tanae: Yeah.

Skyler: Can we play ball in the park.

Tanae: Sure

Kagome: Be careful.

Tanae: I will.

Kagome: OK.

Tanae: Come on pups.

Pups: Yay.

Ryder: Ready Marshall.

Marshall: Ok Ryder throw me the ball.

Ryder: Ok. ( Misses the ball and bounce off course)

Marshall: Sorry Ryder.

Ryder. It's fine at leased you tried.

Marshall: Thanks Ryder your the best.

Ryder : Thanks. But first I have to find the ball.


Tanae and the was still playing fetch in the park. When Skyler see a basketball coming for Tanae.

Skyler: Tanae Watch out.

Tanae : huh

Tanae: Ow that hurt.

    Ryder the pups ran to the rescue.

Ryder: I'm so sorry it's my fault.

Tanae: No It's my fault I didn't see the ball coming.

Ryder: ( rolls his eyes and Blushes).

Ryder: Anyway my name is Ryder and Yours.

Tanae: ( Tanae was speechless)

Ryder: Hello

Tanae: Sorry I must've doze off I'm Sorry my name is Tanae.

Ryder: It happines. ( blushes)

Tanae and Ryder ( thinking)

Tanae: Should I tell him that I like him.

Ryder : She's Beautiful but I how do I tell her.

Tanae: I really must go for a picnic but here's your basketball Bye.

Tanae: It's Really nice to meet you Ryder.

                           ( few Minutes later)

 Tanae: Sorry I'm  late.
Inuyasha: It's  Fine  Tanae.

Inyasha : So Who's that boy you just meet

                    ( Blushes)

Tanae: Who that boy I just met.

Inuyasha: Who's that boy you just met in the park. He looks cute at your age.

Others: ooooooooooo.

Inuyasha: what's his Name.

Tanae: Blushes Ry-Ryder.

Inuyasha: That sounds cute By the way Ryder and Tanae sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

                                      ( stands up )

Tanae: SHUT UP INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inuyasha: Ryder and Tanae sitting in a tree K- I-S-S-I-N-G.

Tanae: SHUT UP INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kogome: Be quite Inuysha.

Tanae: Thanks for the meal It's getting late now let's Go.

Inuyasha: Ok.


Tanae was in her room writing a love letter with a pink envelope with a heart on it. and said

                                  For: Ryder
                                  From: Tanae
 Tanae put the love letter in her bag and go to bed.
Inuyasha: Hey Tanae Ready to go to bed.

Tanae ( Yawn's Yeah) Whips the tears from her eyes.

Inuyasha: Kisses Tanae on her forehead.

Inuyasha: Night my little Princess.

Tanae : Inuyasha I told you not to call me little Princess. (Making her blush a little) because Inuyasha called her that when she was younger.

Inuyasha: I know your the youngest in the family. But look your Birthday is Tomorrow your turning eleven Right. (Looking at her confused)

Tanae: Wait Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: What is something wrong.

Tanae: Can you keep a secret.

Inuyasha: Sure Why.

Tanae: Ok but don't tell Ryder this but I like Ryder but I don't know how to tell him.

Inuyasha: Oh Tanae I know you like Ryder but just be yourself and talk to him tomorrow.Ok

Tanae : Ok

Inuyasha: Ok go to bed night.

Tanae: Night. (Falls asleep)

                         Chapter Two 
The Birthday Party

It was morning Tanae was still in her bed sleeping but all of sudden her alarm clock in her room going off and singing what makes you so beautiful by One Direction.

Alarm clock: Baby you light my world like nobody else.

                    Tanae shuts it off

Inuyasha was downstairs cooking breakfast for Tanae on her birthday.

Inuyasha: huh I wonder what Tanae is upstairs doing.

             Inuyasha walked up stairs with a tray in his hand and wake up Tanae.

Inuyasha: Tanae.

Tanae: I'm up.

Inuyasha: Happy Birthday here's your breakfast.

Tanae: You really don't have to do that for me.

Inuyasha: I have too it's your birthday. Oh yeah since it's your birthday we are going to thow you a birthday party. You can always go to the pool if you want.

Tanae: I will maybe later.

                             After breakfast

Tanae: Pups wake up. But the pups didn't wake up so she pour the dog food into their dog bowls and head out on her ATV. While on the way their she pulled up in Ryder's lookout.

Chase: Hey Tanae Happy Birthday.

Tanae: Thanks Chase is Ryder awake yet.

Chase: Not yet.

Tanae: Ok but when Ryder wakes up I want you to give him this and the invitation to my birthday party and the pups and Ryder ok.

Chase: OK.

Tanae: at 1:00 meet me and the pups in my swimming pool ok Don't forget.

Chase: I won't.

Tanae: Ok I have to go now wait what time is it.

Chase: 12:35.

Tanae: 12:35 I have to go and change into my swimsuit Bye.

Chase: Bye Tanae.

                             While at Home.

Tanae: I'm Home I had t go out and deliver invitation to Ryder and the pups.

Inuyasha: It's Fine. You have to go change into your swimsuit.

Tanae: That's what I was going to do.

Inuyasha: Oh Right.

Tanae: I invited Ryder and the pups.

Iuyasha: Ok.

                           while in the room

Tanae: Pink or purple Pink or Purple. You know what I choose pink.

                                       a few minutes later

Tanae: Oh look Ryder and the pups arrived on their vhilcles.

Ryder: Where Here.

Pups: amzing.

Tanae: Hey Ryder.

Ryder: Hey Tanae Happy Birthday.

Tanae: Thanks Ryder you can come in.

Ryder: Thanks.

Tanae: Without further of do you can follow me to my pool.

Pups: Wow this is huge.

Tanae: I know.

Ryder: Come-on pups.

Ryder: Hey Tanae you coming in the water.

Tanae: Maybe later.

Inuyasha: Hey Ryder I know the only way to get Tanae into the pool is by weting her up with water guns.

Ryder: water guns.

Inuyasha: yeah want to try it.

Ryder: yeah.

Inuyasha: Ok 3, 2, 1 Fire.

Tanae: That's it I'm coming in.

Tanae: I'm going to get you. Ryder and Inuyasha

Inuyasha: Time out.

Tanae: No!

Iunyasha: I'm sorry Tanae!


Ryder: What accident?

Tanae: I don't want to talk about it. Come on we going in the pool or what.

                Ryder turns to Inuyasha.

Ryder: Hey Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Yeah.

Ryder: What accident happened to Tanae.

Inuyasha: Well it's hard to explain.

Ryder: You have to tell me Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: Ok


When Tanae was younger we was going to throw a party for Tanae but we didn't have time to set up and when she get home she was very sad about that we forget about her birthday.

Ryder: What how can you forget your cousin birthday.

Iunyasha: I was younger then. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you Tanae is the youngest in the family.

Ryder: Well it's her birthday so let's throw her the best party ever.

Iunyasha: Well who's going to distract her.

Ryder: I will.

Iunyasha: Thanks that would be a huge help.

Part Three
The distraction

Ryder and the others in the lookout was setting up for Tanae 's birthday party.

Skye: I can't wait until Tanae see's her surprise birthday party.

Rubble: Me too.

Marshall: ( giggles) Me too. Wait who is going to distract Tanae Iunyasha.

Inuyasha: Ryder will.

Marshall: Ok thanks.

Inuyasha: No problem.

Ryder: Hey Inuyasha where's Tanae.

Inuyasha: Probbly home changing.

Ryder: I'm going to call her.

                   Ryder took out his pup pad and hit the Tanae symbol

(Meanwhile) Tanae pup pad starts to ring.

Tanae:(sigh) Who could be calling me at this hour. Oh it's Ryder.

Tanae: Hey Ryder.

Ryder: Hey Tanae.

Tanae: What happen.

Ryder: Nothing anyways I want you to met me at the park at 1:00p.m Sharp.

Tanae: Sure I could meet you at the park.

Ryder: Great see you there.

                                   (Hangs up)

Tanae: Ok what time is it?

Tanae: 12:59 I'm late.

So she hoped on her ATV and head for the park.

Tanae: Ryder!

Ryder: Tanae!

Tanae. Sorry I'm late.

Ryder: It's Fine Tanae.

Tanae: Sooo what do you want to do now?

Ryder: Go on the swings.

Tanae: Sure.

Ryder: Ready to go home.

Tanae: Sure.

           While the others finish preparing the decorations they cut off the light and waited for Tanae and Ryder come back from the park.

Ryder:Tanae Wait.

Tanae: What is it Ryder something Wrong?

Ryder: No I just want you to close your eyes for a minute.

Tanae: Ok

Ryder: Keep them close.

Tanae: Ok. But I can't see a thing but you can direct me to my ATV if you like.

Ryder: Ok hold my hand.

Tanae: Ok

Ryder: Witch ATV is yours

Tanae:the second one.

Ryder: Oh let's go to your house.

Tanae: Ok.

While to the house Inuyasha was looking out the window waiting for Ryder and Tanae.

Inuyasha: There here places everyone.

People: Ok.

Ryder: Just keep walking

Tanae: Ok

              when Ryder turned on the light

Inuyasha: 1,2,3 

Chapter four The big surprize

When Tanae walked in see burst tears of joy.

Tanae: ( still crying) Thank you everybody.

Ryder hugged her happy birthday Tanae.

Tanae: Thanks.

Inuyasha: Come cut the cake.

Tanae: Wait what kind of cake is it?

Inuyasha: vanilla. 

Tanae: Yay thanks Inuyasha. 

Inuyasha: No problem. 

Ryder: Who is the first piece of cake go to. 

Tanae: ( giglled) You your so cute. 

Kagome: what was that Tanae?

Tanae: Nothing😄

Chase: Huh I thought I heard Tanae that Ryder was cute. 

Tanae: Anyway let's get back cutting to cut the cake shall we. 

After a while Tanae was finish cutting the cake she looked around the house but where' s Katie?

Ryder: Hey Tanae. 

Tanae: Yes Ryder. 

Ryder: Katie is missing. 

Tanae: I knew that Ryder. 

Ryder: oh sorry.

Tanae: She could not go far

Ryder: Everybody split up and find Katie.

Tanae: Good idea Ryder I'm coming with you

While Tanae and Ryder was walking on the Beach they saw Katie was walking towards them. But Katie looked angry.

Tanae: Katie thank God we found you everybody was so worried about you.

Katie was angry at Tanae so she slapped her on the Face then she tackled her to the ground Tanae tried to fight back.





Katie: I hope you learned your lesson stay away from Ryder. ( Katie was so angry so she called Tanae a dirty word which I will not type)


Ryder: Tanae You ok

Tanae: Yeah thanks what was all of that.

Ryder: I don't know

Pups: Tanae you alright

Tanae: Yeah thanks.

Inuyasha: Tanae are you injured?

Tanae: No, thanks. 

                        (While at Katie) 

Katie: That little girl ( stops for a minute) that' s it I can turn her to a little girl. 

Ryder: Tanae becareful on the way home OK

Tanae: ( weak voice) thanks fall on the ground. 

Inuyasha: Tanae are you alright?

Tanae: ( weak voice) Yeah. 

Ryder: I can take you home on my ATV OK. 

Tanae: Thanks Ryder. 

Ryder: No problem. 

    ( while on the way home) 

Ryder: This is the place right. 

Tanae: Yeah thanks. 

( before Ryder and the pups leave they were stopped by kagome) 

Kagome: Wait Ryder you and the pups can stay here until morning to keep an eye on Tanae. 

Ryder: Sounds fine with me. 

Inuyasha: That's a good idea Kagome. 

Ryder: OK we can stay. 

             Meanwhile Ryder was finish changing he heard Tanae' s pup pad ringing. He picked up the pup pad. 

Ryder: Hello 

Katie: Ryder is Tanae their I need to talk to her about something. 

Ryder: What is it 

Katie: I really want to apologize what I done to Tanae yesterday. 

Ryder: Thanks Katie I really sure Tanae will forgive you. 

Katie: I hope so too. Can you come for a picnic at 1:00 p.m in the park tomorrow and bring the pups too.

Ryder: OK bye

Ryder walked downstairs and tell Tanae what happend

Ryder: Hey Tanae Katie just called she said the pups and us can go on a picnic tomorrow. 

Tanae: OK sure sounds fine. 

Ryder: Good. 

Tanae: ( giggle) He' s so cute

When the others woke up they got dress and eat breakfast. 

Tanae: Good morning to you all. 

Ryder: Tanae why are you wearing a café outfit every time you cook. 

Tanae: Because Inuyasha wanted me to wear this. 

                                                     After breakfast

Ryder: So we ready to go  to the park and meet Katie. 

Tanae: Sure

( While on the way Tanae think for a moment)

Ryder: What is it Tanae. 

Tanae: thinking about Katie what if she was still angry at me. 

Ryder: well this is the place. 

Tanae: yeah let' s go

Ryder: OK. 

Tanae: Katie!

Katie: Oh hey Guys just in time. 

Rubble: Can we eat now I' m starving. 

Katie: You can eat now. 

Rubble: yay. 

Katie: Ryder and Tanae can you follow me please. 

Ryder: So what is this about?

Katie: ( talking to herself) you know I ever wonder what Ryder and Tanae would look like as five year old kids. 

Ryder: Katie are you OK?

Katie: Yeah anyways here's your present I really hope you like it. 

Ryder and Tanae: yeah thanks. 

Tanae: Thanks a teddy bear I will forgive you about what you done. 

While Tanae was sleeping the bear took out a needle and put in her neck and her age regress. And the same thing happen to Ryder. Tanae had a nightmare and wet the bed When she woke up she felt something wet around her private part so she took off her wet clothes and took a shower and made breakfast. When Tanae was cooking breakfast she still can not believe that she wet the bed. 

Tanae: Man I can' t believe that I wet the bed at the age of ten. 

When she was walking she had a next accident on the floor. 

Tanae: oh man not again. Wait the teddy bear had nothing to do with this accident right. 

She ran upstairs and look at the teddy bear and saw the needle in the bear she read it and on it says. Side effects age regression ,lose bladder. ( which means have frequent accidents) and lack of sleepiness. 

Tanae: Katie you will pay!!!

Tanae: I' m going to see Ryder and talk to him about Katie. 

She hoped on her ATV and head to Ryder lookout when she arrived she saw kid Ryder crying. 

Chase: Tanae Ryder is crying

Tanae: Bring him to me please. 

Skye: Come on Ryder  Tanae is here she can deal with this problem. 

When Ryder look up he ran into Tanae crying. 

Tanae: there there Ryder everything will be OK I' m here for you. Let' s go inside. 

When they went inside the lookout she rest Ryder on the chair and tried to calm him down. 

Tanae: Now Ryder tell me what wrong. 

Ryder: ( still crying) I don' t want to talk about it. 

Chase: um Tanae I know what happened.  

Tanae: Chase you do?

30 minutes later

Tanae: Oh so that's why he' s so upset?

Chase: yes I see why. 

Tanae: pups I have confession to make last night I wet the bed( blushes)

Zuma: Do you think the teddy bear had to do with Ryder age regression. 

Ryder: ( thugs on Tanae shirt) Tanae I' m sleepy

Tanae: OK it' s naptime for you then. 

Picks Ryder and take him upstairs to his room and put him down for a nap. 

Tanae: Well here we are you can take a nap now. 

Ryder: Tanae umm can you lay down with me so I won' t fell scared. 

Tanae: Sure I can lay down with you. 

Ryder: Thanks Tanae. 

Tanae: Your welcome have a nice nap. 

When Tanae woke she saw Ryder crying

Tanae: Ryder what's wrong. 

Ryder: ( still crying) I wet the bed and I' m scared that you might do something to me. 

Tanae gently rub Ryder to make him calm. 

Tanae: Oh Ryder it' s alright everybody have accidents.  Now stop crying for me OK I' m right here. 

Ryder: ( continue crying) Thanks Tanae. 

Tanae: I have a confession to make I wet the bed last night at the age of ten. 

Ryder: ( shocked) Tanae first of all you not ten your five and second of all you wet the bed to. 

Tanae: wha what no I didn't wet the bed that' s ridiculous. 

Ryder: See for yourself this is what I mean!

Tanae never heard Ryder raise his voice at her before. After what happen Tanae had tears streaming down her face. After when he saw Tanae crying and he felt bad at what he said to her. 

Ryder: Tanae I' m sorry that I shouted at you. 

Tanae: It' s OK  I forgive you. 

Ryder: Now how are we going to tell pups. 

Chase: We already knew all along you don' t have to hide it from us. 

Ryder: Fine you got us but don't tell anybody else this is between you and the pups. 

Chase: ( smirked)  😏Oh I won' t tell anybody else your secret is safe with me. 

Skye: Chase where are you oh who  are you two little cuties they are so cute. 

Chase: (Whisper in Skye ear) That's Tanae and Ryder. 

After when Skye heard what happen she tried not to laugh in front of Tanae and Ryder. Then Ryder and Tanae had a accident they tried to cover it with their shirt. 

Chase: (bends down) Ryder and Tanae what are you hiding from me?After when Chase find out Ryder and Tanae blushed. 

Ryder: w we are not hiding anything from you right Tanae😄

Tanae: yea yeah nothing at all ( gives a nervous laugh)😄

Chase: OK may I ask why the both of you hiding. 

Tanae: Like we said Nothing!

Chase: If you don' t tell me then I can figure it out myself alright. 

Tanae: Alright. 

Chase: Zuma check the bed. 

Zuma: Sure thing Chase he check the bed and saw a big wet spot on the bed. 

After Zuma saw the wet spot on the bed Tanae and Ryder felled ashamed😖 about what they did they were blushing like crazy their face were dark red and they had another accident. 

Chase: So I found out what' s going on with you two  the both of you wet the bed. 

Tanae and Ryder: (crying) 😭we are very very sorry that we wet the bed and we won't do it again promise. 

Chase: It' s OK but we might have to put the both of you in diapers to prevent the both of you from wetting the bed but there are rules you have to follow if you don't follow the rules you will get a spanking alright. 

Ryder and Tanae: .O OK thanks Chase. 

Tanae: but can we stay here while you go pick up diapers for us please?

Chase: Sure why. 

Tanae:Because we feel embarrassed to be seen like this. 

Skye: Sure you can stay here but don't break anything or chase will give you a spanking. 

Tanae and Ryder: OK bye

Skye: Bye. 

Meanwhile while at the store they notice something they saw a little kid section then Skye told them she was going in the isle. 

Ryder: It' s been a while when they left. 

Tanae: yeah it has been a while hey Ryder you want to take off these wet clothes. 

Ryder: Yeah. 

Skye: where home. 

Tanae: Welcome back guys how was it?

Chase: It was fine we brought you diapers and other products for you. 

Ryder: Wait what do you mean other products for us?

Chase: Anyway we brought you some new clothes because the ones that you are wearing are too big. But first the both of you need a bath and then we can put on the diapers on alright and you can have lunch alright and then a nap.

Chase: Tanae want to take a bath first?

Tanae: yes please. 

While upstairs Chase was talking to Tanae he asked her a very personal quesstion. 

Tanae: Yes I really like Ryder but I don't know how to tell him. 

Chase: Tanae lay on back. 

Tanae: OK are you going to put a diaper on me?

Chase: Yes raise your legs for me please so chase slid the diaper under tanaes butt and bring the front part of the diaper on her front part of her private part and latch the tapes. 

Tanae: But chase this diaper is to puffy and this outfit is to short. 

Chase:( rubs Tanae head) you are a good girl Tanae. When Tanae is happy she wag her tail but her stomach is growling. 

Tanae: Chase I' m hungry. 

Chase: I know, what do you want for lunch?

Tanae: Ramen please. 

Chase: OK

Picks Tanae up and take her downstairs and rest her on the chair and check the front of her diaper which really make Tanae real!y uncomfortable. 

Chase: Do you need a diaper change yet Tanae?

Tanae: Chase please stop, it makes me fell uncomfortable and your embarrassing me. 

Chase: Oh sorry Tanae just checking if you need a diaper change. 

Tanae: No thanks I can let you  know when I need a diaper  change. 

Rubble: ( smirked) 😏 So Tanae I was wondering do you like your new diaper?

Tanae: A little bit but I have to get used to it in a few days. 

Rocky: so do you like Ryder a lot? I mean more than friends

Marshall: ( kicks Rocky) Sorry about Rocky asked that question. 

Tanae: It' s fine everybody really want to know if I like Ryder. 

Zuma: Tanae you wanna play catch? 

Tanae: sure I can play but when I finish eating Chase it' s OK we can play catch with Zuma

Tanae: Chase lunch almost ready yet?

Chase: Yeah you can come eat now

Tanae: yay

While Tanae was walking in the kitchen she was wetting her diaper and a loud laughter came from outside it was Marshall. 

Marshall: Well Well Well looks like little Tanae wet her diaper didn't she?

Tanae: ( blushes) Mar Marshall you shut up this got nothing to do with you. 

Rubble: Marshall leave Tanae alone! 

Chase: Ready to eat Tanae come sit next to me. 

After when Marshall was laugh at Tanae she tried not to cry and continue eating her lunch. Then when Tanae was finish eating she started to cry. 

Chase: Tanae what's wrong?

Tanae: ( still crying) 😭Mar Marshall was laughing at me all because I wet my diaper. 

Chase: Marshall come here please. 

Marshall:What is it Chase. 

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