One day while the Paw Patrol were playing soccer outside they got news from Ryder saying thatere was a new girl

  Ryder : hey pups there is a new girl in town and her name is katie

Marshall : cool

Chase : awesome

Skye : Awesome ( does backflip)

Rocky: as long as they dont wet ne ill like them

Zuma: Cool dude

rubble: oooo a new neabor maybe i should meet her first

Later Rubble got in his truck to meet Ryder at a shop.But when Rubble got there he could not find ryder or katie

Rubble: (calling Ryder) Ryder where are you 

Ryder : im in the park with uuuhhh katie

Rubble : (whispers) oohh cute ( Real) ok Ryder see you later

Ryder : bye Rubble

AT the park............................................................................

Ryder : So you have your own busness 

Katie : yup

Ryder ( thinking) : OOOOHH what do i do how do i ask her out ..............

Katie : uuuhhh Ryder i need to ask you something 

Ryder : Uuuuhh yeah but i need to ask you something

Both: would you like to go on a date with me

Katie : wait what

Ryder : huh

Ryder : well i know we only known each other for a short while now but i was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me

Katie : ( Kisses Ryder) Of course

Katie : i was going to ask you the same thing you asked me

Ryder : (Blushes) 

Katie : Look here comes ALL the pups

Ryder : (thinking) uuhh do i tell them 

Ryder : (looks at katie) do we tell them

Katie : (Thinking) we should tell them it would be the good thing to do


So later at the Lookout Ryder told them ever thing and the pups did not do nothing they just said " good for Ryder

Skye : Ooooh thats great Ryder

all they boys : Yeah thats great

CHASE : Oh if only I had the courage the ask Skye out on a date

Chase : One day

Skye : What Chase

CHASE : Nothing I said maybe we should play soccer outside again

Everyone : Yeah it would be fun

So everyone went outside said and played soccer KatieXRyder  SkyeXChase ^Good couples ^