Ruby is a Border collie/Werewolf and the Medic of the PAW Patrol.

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Very shy around pups she doesn't know, but will warm up to them once she knows them better. She likes to hang out with Elsa, Flavannah and Emma a lot.


After her family was killed by hunters, Ruby was left for dead, but that was when she met Perathius who told her that she wasnt a wolf, but a Border collie and then gave her an enchanted ruby red collar that she wears now to prevent herself from turning into a wolf. When Rocky was captured by a wolf and was injured while trying to escape, Ruby took off her collar and took advantage of the wolf that captured him and set him free. She also tended to his wounds and ended up becoming a PAW Patrol member shortly after.


Ruby is a smokey black Border collie with a white muzzle with a stripe stopping between her eyes, a white chest with a dark chocolate brown heart shaped mark on it, tail tip and four white "socks" on all of her paws. She wears her ruby red collar with a red badge with a black wolf with a white cross on it. She has green eyes. In her wolf form, she's jet-black with yellowish-gold eyes.

Outfit and PupPack

Her out it is red with a red and white baseball cap and streaks on her outfit. Her PupPack is completely white.


Her tools are;

  • Gauze
  • Bandages
  • Cone collar
  • Cast

Known Family

  • Anita: Mother (deceased)
  • Charles: Father (deceased)
  • Charlie: Brother (deceased)
  • Amy: Sister (deceased)
  • Singer: Aunt (deceased)
  • Rocko: Uncle (deceased)
  • Tulip: Grandmother (deceased)
  • Arthur: Grandfather (deceased)
  • Nyamar: Crush (deceased)

Fanon Appearances

Stories by Me

Icy Cases episodes

What's Wrong with Elsa?

Jurassic Pup

Stories by Others



She, unfortunately, gave up on finding someone who would love her after Nyamar died. 


  • She's a werewolf
  • She'll never ever take off her ruby red collar unless it's nescessary
  • She can be overprotective of her friends and family
  • She was inspired by Ruby or Red Riding Hood from OUAT 
  • She, Elsa, Anna, Tundra and Emma are extremley close, like sisters
  • Her trainee is Raven


Murder: Mortified of murdering someone in her wolf form, since she knows she'll be put to sleep

Losing her collar: Without it, she blacks out after turning into a wolf and doesn't remember any events of the past night. Usually she has a panic attack before the full moon


  • "Arooooooo!" (howling)
  • "When sirens wail, Ruby's there!"
  • "I was born on the wild side!"


Young: Brighton Sharbino (Young Ingrid in OUAT)

Older: Megan Ory (Ruby in OUAT)