Part 1 of Rubble's Adventure


(Inside the Lookout)

(Ryder is making... something)

(Rubble walks in)

Rubble: Hey, Ryder.

(Ryder notices him)

Ryder: Hey, Rubble.

Rubble: What you making?

Ryder: Well, clmib up here and I'll show you.

Rubble: Okay.

(He climbs up a bean bag and sees what's being made)

What are these? Pup-booties?

Ryder:  Not just any Pup-booties. These are special booties. If a pup wears them, they'll give the pup super digging skills.

Rubble: Really?

Ryder: But they're not quite ready yet. I just have to tighten the laces and it will be--

(His Pup-Pad rings) (He answers it)

Hey, Chase.

Chase: Ryder, I've got a problem. My megaphone is broken. Can you fix it? I've got to help with something in town and I need my megaphone for it.

Ryder: Don't worry, Chase. I'm on my way.

(He hangs up and takes his tools)

Rubble: But what about the Pup-booties?

Ryder: They'll just have to wait a little while longer. Just don't touch them, Rubble. I don't know what they'll really do.

(He leaves the Lookout)

Rubble: Okay, Ryder.

(He stares at the Pup-booties in a tempting way)

But I wonder what they do...

(Scene changer: Marshall's badge)

(Marshall and Penelope are outside playing tug-toy)

(Penelope lets go and Marshall is flown backwards) (Penelope shields her eyes when Marshall crashes)

Marshall: I'm good.

Penelope: Oh, Marshall! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm so so so so so so so so so so sorry! *Whimpers*

Marshall: It's okay, Penelope.

(Rubble walks over to them) (He's wearing the Pup-booties)

Rubble: Hey, Marshall. Hi, Penelope.

Marshall: Hi, Rubble.

Penelope: Hello. Cute booties.

Rubble: Thanks. Ryder designed these himself. They will give me suiper digging skills if I use them.

Penelope: Um, did you ask if you could wear them?

Rubble: Uh.... no.

Penelope: You shouldn't borrow things without asking.

Rubble: I know, but I really want to try them out. And I'm going to try them out!

(He starts to dig, but then he digs super fast)

Marshall: Rubble!? Come on out of there.

Penelope: Oh, he's lost!

{To Be Continued}

(Click here to see what happens next)

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