This is an episode where Rubble and Skye must do Chase's party.

Rubble: Hey Skye.

Skye:Hi Rubble.

Rubble: Can I talk to you for a moment?

Skye: Yep.

Rubble: Ryder told me that we are in charge of Chase's party!


Rubble: Let's tell the other pups!

Skye: Yes!

The next day...

Chase: Hey Skye.

Skye: Hi. * runs away*

Chase: That was weird.

Rubble: Hi! * gets the rest of the pups and Ryder*

Ryder: Rubble and Skye have an announcement.

Rubble: We're doing Chase's party!

All: Yes!

Rubble: Here are the jobs!:

Marshall- Try to help Mr. Porter bake the cake.

Bolt-You, Rocko, and Lucky make the Food.

Tundra- You and Cooper deliver the invitations to everyone in the mountains.

Roxy- You and Rosie can set up the table along with Rocky.

Skye- You, Ryder, and I keep on the lookout for Chase.

All: Got it!

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