Chase : Good Morning Rubble.

Rubble : (Snoring)

Ryder : Rubble Wake Up

(Ryder makes the alarm clock on. But Rubble didn't wake up)

Rocky : How about this?

(Rocky make some noise by using loud sound but didn't wake Rubble)

Marshall : How about this?

(Marshall turn on his hose but didn't wake Rubble)

Ryder : We need Chase.

Chase : How about this?

(Chase turns on his siren but wake up Rubble)

Rubble : Whoa!

Skye : Why are you sleeping at the morning again?

Rubble : Why i'm (Snoring)

(Rubble is sleep talking and skateboarding)

Ryder : PAW Patrol To the Lookout!

5 Except 1 :Ryder Needs Us!

(When Marshall Races To The Lookout. He Splat To The Lookout Door)

Chase : PAW Patrol Ready For Action Ryder Sir!

Ryder : Sorry to interrupt your dance testing contest pups. But he have a bad day.

Ryder : Some How Rubble is sleep skateboarding and talking.

Pups : Huh?

Ryder : Spy Chase , Your Spy Airplane Is Perfect And Catch Him With Your Net

Chase : Spy Chase is on the case!

Ryder : The rest of you Skye , Rubble , Rocky and Zuma Go To City Hall, Pup Park , Mr Porter's and Katies

Marshall : How About Me Ryder?

Ryder : Marshall If Rubble Gets Here Guard Him.

All Right PAW Patrol Is On A Roll!

Marshall : Uh,Ryder Rubble Is Just Here .

Ryder : Don't Let Him Out Again.

(Marshall Close So Don't Out Again)

Pups : Yehey!

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