Roxy is a hero

Roxy in her hero outfit.

Roxy is Rocky's long lost sister. She has a uncle named Joey, who took care of her when she got seperated from her family.  

Official Info (New)Edit

This is Roxy. She's a medical pup and her twin brother is Rocky. She does happen to fight with Rocky whenever she teases him about his crush on a certain pup. She's mostly a tomboy, but still likes hanging out with the girls at times. Her best friends are Chase, Skye, and Marshall. Roxy is also good at standing up to bullies, especially if they bully her brother. Although she used to date Marshall, she does help him if he gets hurt or needs advice for his crush.

DA info (look her up there)Edit

This is Roxy. She's a nurse and is twins with Rocky. She is very tomboyish and her BFF's are Chase, Rocky, Marshall, and Skye. Her outfit is magenta and her badge is a red cross with a little bit of white in the middle.  She has Magenta eyes and her fur is black. She is great at standing up to bullies, especially when they bully her brother.

Name: Roxy.

Job: Nurse.

Breed: Unknown mixed breed.

Siblings: Rocky.

BFFs: Chase, Rocky (since he's her brother), Skye, and Marshall.

Gender: Female


Young Roxy: (unknown)

Adult Roxy: Moira  Kelly- voice of adult Nala in the Lion King.


Roxy is a mixed breed like Rocky, but has black fur. She also has magenta eyes (deciding she could get it from her grandmother). Her badge is white, with a  red cross.


  • I decided to make Roxy date Marshall for a while, then break up with him.
  • Roxy works with "Medic Marshall" when there's an emergency.
  • Roxy gets along well with other pups.


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