Rosie (Vulpiz) is a PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki OC Award Nominee.

Rosie was found as an egg by Penelope and Marshall.

Fanon AppearancesEdit


Penelope and Marshall found her as an egg; the pups took it back to the Lookout, where Rosie was born. She got her name after she sniffed a rose and sneezed. (Wait, I have no idea where that rose came from; call it random) Rosie was soon returned to her mom, Majesty.

In the Magical Games, she exposed Meowth of cheating in the Fencing event. She then took duty of entering the roller skating part of the Skate-Off after Geo got injured.

In Journey to Sapphire Sea, she befriends the playful Lanai and leads the adventure to take her back home. In Pups and the two Unlikely Friends, she befriends Dewdrop the Patamon since no one wanted to play with him.


Rosie is very sweet and loyal. She has an adventurous way in life. She also loves to play. Rosie also has a pure heart. She always the good inside of others instead of judging them on the otside.


Rosie is a fox-creature we know as a Vulpix. Penelope place a jeweled pink collar around her neck.


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