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Rosa is a sweet mixed breed that has a bad reputaition with humans.she is the envirroment defender pup.She is 7 and 3/4 in dog years


When Rosa was little, she was known for looking down humans for chopping down trees, causing pollution ect. This ended up in her being shunned by her parents who were about _____. Marie saw how unfair Rosa was treated so she asked if she wanted to be friends with her.She accepted it and  they played together all the time.This was the chance for another dog to come around.Then Marie was blamed for killing a poodle and afrter that lost her parents in a fire.People spead rumors that she was Satin the devil.Rosa comforted her,but help little for Marie had left Colorado.
PAW-Jet ticket

Passenger ticket for the PAW-Jet


Rosa is one of the only one who knows Marie's past until Pup Pup Family.

Rosa might have a crush on Rocky

She is the scecond oldest pup first being Marie.

Her parents never show up at all,but their not dead.

She has a close bond to Marie

She Is Voiced By Cameron Diaz Who also voiced Princess Fiona in Shrek In the tv show And will Be voiced By Mindy Everett In The Universial Live action adaption.

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