Romeo is Ryder's trainee and belongs to Puppylove5


Totally failed will make another one later but this is what he kinda looks like

Bio Edit

He is Ryders cousin and is a little older then Alex. that's all I got yet :''D

Personalitiy Edit

He is sweet, cool and bubbly, most of the time he's cautiness and sometimes he can be serieus whenever there's danger. He loves to joke around and make the pups smile. He really adores Ryder and is super proud to be his apperatice.

Appearance Edit

He has dark golden hair with warm brown eyes and he has a suntan. He wears a blue polo with long blue jeans and sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • He miiiiggghhht be based of Romeo Beckham :3
  • He is best friends with Alex tough his clumsyness sometimes makes him freak out. A while after Romeo starts training Alex joins them.

Gallary Edit

Coming soon

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