It was the night of Rocky& Marshall's tickle fight and Everest would be the judge.

Rocky: Okay Marshall ready to get tickled? he said as if he was trying to mock Marshall.

Marshall: Only if you are Rocky. he said as he jump onto Rocky and began tickling Rocky's belly and as a way of mocking him Marshall using a feather to tickle Rocky's chest as well as tickling him with his tail.

Rocky: Hahahahahahahaha, your revealing my hidden tickle spot what if Zuma watching? he said as flip over pinning down Marshall by the sides his belly and started tickling him the same way he'd done to him.

Marshall: Oh no please not the belly, don't try my chest, uh oh why tell him that hahahahaha! Stop oh please Rocky you win just please stop tickling my belly feels it gonna hahahaha burst!

Rocky: No way Marshall however I will aspect your offer you but you have to give me your tickle feather does that sound like deal to you Marshall?

Marshall: Okay you hahahaha have a deal. he said as Rocky got off him.

Rocky: Okay the tickle feather please.

Marshall: Alright just don't tickle me again Rocky. he said as he walked to his pup house to grab the tickle feather.

Marshall: Here it is the tickle feather just be careful it has a very tickly feeling to it and it just loves to tickle pup's belly a specially Chase & Zuma's bellies. he said as the feather began tickling both pup's bellies at hyper sonic speeds.

Rocky:(Giggles) Hehehehehehe, this knows a pup or two at hyper sonic tickling rates.

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