Rocky : Any Rescue!

Mayor Goodway : Rocky. Help. A Log Needs Can You Rescue By Yours Only?

Rocky : On To The Rescue!

Rocky : Oh No! I Need To Use My Arf! Forklift!

Skye : Where's Rocky

Rocky : Rocky to the Rescue!

Ryder : Rocky?

Rocky : Finish Mayor!

Mayor Goodway : Thanks.

Rocky : How I Can Help More?

Mayor Goodway : Maybe Farmer Yumi.

(Rocky goes to Farmer Yumi's)

Rocky : Hi Farmer Yumi! How Rocky The Super Pup Help?

Farmer Yumi : Rocky,Thanks For Coming I Need Help To Set The Big Day For Reunion Do You Want To Fix and Join?

Rocky : Sure! Ryder Don't Know Were Gonna Have This!

Rocky : Arf! Ranch!

(Rocky Ranches The Egg Scrambler)

Farmer Yumi : Thanks Rocky. Ready!

Rocky : Yeah!

Both : 1 2 3!

Rocky : Scissors! Arf!

(Rocky opens the Reunion with his Scissors)

(The End)

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