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Characters: Edit

• the original 6 pups

• Ryder

• Everest

• Anubis (debut)

• Primrose

• Shira

• Jason (me - ChaseandSkyerox)

• Bullet

• bullies

Summary: Edit

When a new pup is around town he gets into trouble with strays and the paw patrol step in to help the pup out by defending him. Turns out it's Rocky's cousin.

Story: Edit

  • we start out with a nice cool afternoon in Adventure Bay and the pups were all playing*

Chase: tag you're it!

Skye: hehehehe I'm coming for you Rubble! (Chases him)

Rubble: you can't catch me!

Skye: did you forget that I caught you the last time you said that too by doing this?! (Jumps onto Rubble tagging him)

Rubble: yeah I actually did forget

Everest: nice job Skye!

Primrose: yeah Skye

Skye: hehehe thanks

Shira: that's my sister!

  • soon Jason walks up*

Jason: hi pups who wants to play fetch

Bullet: no thanks

Zuma: no thanks dude but I'll watch

Rocky: I'll play!

Chase: me too!

Jason: okay then let's play you two ready?

Chase & Rocky: yes!

Jason: okay okay hahaha (throws the ball far)

Rocky & Chase: I got it! I got it! (They chase after the ball)

Shira: I wonder which one got the ball?

Jason: yeah

  • Chase & Rocky come running back and Rocky has the ball*

Everest: Rocky had it

Jason: yep good job!

Rocky: thanks!

  • we keep playing for 2 hours then Ryder called*

Zuma, Rubble, Everest, & Shira: Wyder/Ryder needs us!

  • we all run into the elevator*

Primrose: where's Marshall?!

Marshall: look out! I'm on a roll!

Bullet: oh no!

Everest: look out!

Skye: sis can you..?

Shira: yep I'm on it! (Uses her telekinesis to stop him and gently place him in the elevator) there you go!

Marshall: thank you Shira I really appreciate it

Shira: hahaha no problem buddy

Bullet: let's go!

  • they all go up to the top of the lookout and get into the formation*

Chase: ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: okay pups and Jason we have to move Katie called because there is a pup running away from bullies and they're angry

Pups: *gasp*

Ryder: so for this mission I'll need Skye you can search for the pup and bullies from the sky

Skye: yip yip (backflips) "This pups gotta fly!"

Ryder: I will also need Shira you are the PI of the group if the bullies escape you can track them down and we may need your telekinesis to help catch them

Shira: "This PI has a keen eye!"

Ryder: Chase I'll need you to stop any fighting that may happen and to arrest them

Chase: "Chase is on the case!"

Ryder: also I'll need Bullet you can help Chase out

Bullet: "I'll shoot like a bullet!"

Ryder: paw patrol is on a roll!

  • the pups go down the slide and Ryder goes down the pole and they all drive off*

Skye (looking from the air): ah ha! Ryder they're near Katie's and they're heading towards Mr. Porters!

Ryder: okay Skye meet you there!

  • they drive towards Mr. Porter's*

Chase: where'd they go?

Skye: (lands) they're in the alley!

Ryder: okay pups let's move!

  • they run into the alleys entrance*

???: someone help!

Bullies: hahaha no one is going to help you!

Ryder: leave that pup alone!

Bully #1: grrrr you called help?! Your weak!

???: I didn't call them I've never seen them before

Bully #2: so you want to fight?

Shira: yeah let's rumble!

Bully #1: hahahaha she thinks she can hurt us boys get her!

Bullies #2&3: hahahaha (they charge at Shira)

Skye: you shouldn't do that if I were you

Bully #2: I don't care! (Charges at almost at Shira)

Shira: really? (Uses telekinesis to stop the two bullies)

Bullies #2&3: what?!

Skye: I warned you

???: whoa! That's awesome!

Shira: you two attacked an innocent pup! (Tosses them into a wall)

Bullies #2&3: oof!

Shira: strikes 1 & 2

Bullet: nice Shira!

Shira: thank you Bullet

Bully #1: grrrr how dare you! (Charges at Shira)

Chase & Bullet: (pawcuff bullies #2 & 3)

Skye: sis look out!

Shira: huh? Whoa! (Uses telekinesis to fly up and dodge)

Bully #1: (hits the wall) oof!

Shira: (lands) strike 3 you're out

Ryder: you sound like Jason haha

Shira: *giggles* yeah

Bullet: (pawcuffs bully #1) you're all under arrest for trying to hurt a innocent pup!

Bullies #1, 2 & 3: dang it! Well get you all for this!

  • Shira puts them into Chase & Bullet's truck an car and then Bullet & Chase take them to jail*

Ryder: it's okay little pup

???: (comes to them) thank you

Skye: whoa I'm seeing double

Shira: Rocky?!

???: Rocky? No I'm not Rocky he's my cousin on his moms side my mom told me a lot about him

  • Chase and Bullet come back*

Shira: wait? Rocky has a cousin?!

???: yes I'm Anubis

Shira: nice to meet you Anubis I'm Shira

Bullet: I'm Bullet Anubis and I didn't know Rocky had a cousin

Chase: yeah neither did I and I'm Chase Anubis

Skye: Anubis I'm Skye

Anubis: Shira and Skye you're sisters I'm guessing?

Shira & Skye: yeah!

Ryder: okay pups lets go home Anubis you can come too oh and I'm Ryder the leader of the Paw Patrol

Anubis: okay lets go!

  • with that they all go back to the lookout*

Ryder: here we are Anubis the lookout and I'll get you a regular collar and pup tag but you will still be able to communicate with all of the pups

Anubis: awesome!

Rocky: (walks up) whoa! I'm seeing another me!

Anubis: hehehe hi Rocky

Rocky: do you know my name?

Anubis: my mom has told me about you cousin

Rocky: cousin?!

Anubis: yes on your moms side hehehe

Rocky: cool!

Rubble, Zuma, & Marshall: (walks up) whoa we're seeing double!

Anubis: I'm Anubis I'm Rocky's cousin

Zuma: whoa dude I didn't know you had a cousin

Rubble: neither did I

Marshall: I didn't either

Anubis & Rocky: yep we're cousins

Rocky: on my moms side

Rubble: awesome! I'm Rubble

Zuma: I'm Zuma dude

Marshall: I'm Marshall

Anubis: it's nice to meet you

Shira: hey where are Primrose, Jason and Everest?

Zuma: they'll be hewe

  • with that they walk up and so does Ryder*

Ryder: (puts on his collar) here you go

Anubis: thanks Ryder

Ryder: no problem

Everest: uh why is there two Rocky's?

Primrose: yeah?

Jason: uh guys I think he's related to him

Primrose: oh cool but how brother?

Anubis: no

Everest: the only other thing I can think of is cousin

Anubis: yep

Everest: awesome! I'm Everest

Jason: I'm Jason

Primrose: I'm Primrose and I'm Zuma's sis

Anubis: nice to meet you three I'm Anubis

Primrose, Jason, & Everest: nice to meet you

Ryder: well pups and Jason why don't we all play for a few hours before bed

Everyone: yay!

  • with that we all played until bed time*

The End

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