The pups drive to the scene.

Rocky: Hi!

?????: Hi.

Rocky: You look similar.

?????: Oh. I'm Roxy.

Rocky: I'm Rocky and this is the PAW Patrol!

Chase: My cones can get Rocky to the pup!

Rocky: Duh, Chase. I knew that! Do I look dumb to you?!

Chase: Shut up, Rocky. *throws cones.*

Rocky: Ok, ok! *crosses the street*

Roxy: Thanks!

Ryder: Well, let's show her the rest of the pups!

Later on...

Ryder: Here are the pups! *shows the pups to Roxy.*

Skye (to Rosie): At least we're not the girls.

Rosie: Yep.

Roxy: Well, I better be going. I can't find an owner.

All: No!

Marshall: Well, if she's leaving, I'm gonna be the first pup to the Lookout!

All except for Marshall: No. I am!

They all run but Marshall trips and they all get hurt.

All: Ow!

Rosie: I know I'm a doctor but I can't get myself out of this mess!

All: Help!

Marshall: *faints*

Roxy: Oh no!

The next morning...

All: Huh?

Roxy: I saved you guys!

Ryder: Why do I feel better?

Roxy: Because I healed you.

All: WHAT?!

Roxy: Yep.

Marshall: I'm going to sleep.

All except Marshall: Oh Marshall!

Roxy: I made a discovery last night.

Skye: What is it?

Roxy: Me and Rocky are siblings!

Rocky: I knew you looked familiar!

All except Marshall:*laughing*

Later on...

Marshall: Hi Roxy.

Roxy: Hi.

Marshall: Well, Ryder said your now a official member of the PAW Patrol!

Roxy: Yes! Thanks Marshall, you're the best!

Marshall: Yeah.

Roxy: wanna be my bf?

Marshall: What?! I met you yesterday!

Roxy: Bf meant best friend (quietly) Doofus.

Marshall: I heard that!

They start fighting, playfully.

Roxy: I'm way smarter than!

Marshall: But I'm faster!

Rocky from a distance: Whatever.

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