This Day Is Rocky But He Missed.

Marshall : Rocky , Where Are You?

Rocky : Help!

Chase : Ryder, Emergency!

Ryder : What's Wrong?

All : Rocky Is Missing!

Ryder : Huh?

All : Rocky's Birthday Today , But Fall In Ice Water

Ryder : Ice Water?

All : Yeah

Ryder : Don't Worry , No Job Is Too Big , No Pup Is To Small

(Ryder Slides His Pup-Pad To Call The Paw Patrol)

Ryder : PAW Patrol! To The Lookout!

All (Except Rocky And Marshall) : Ryder Needs Us

Rocky : Oh No , Not Again Except Ryder And The Pups Again! hmmm. Aha! I Can Swim The They Can't Found Me Hahaha!

(Rocky Swim But Once He Found Marshall!)

Marshall : Rocky!

Rocky : Marshall!

Both : Let's Go

Rocky : Let's Go Before Ryder Finds Us Or Maybe We Dive In But We Got To Steel The Veichles And Pup-Packs.

Marshall : You're Right Let's Move My Intergalactic Robot Stealer

Marshall : Robot Stealer Arf!

Marshall : Launch!

Marshall : We Can See All The Veichles Of The Pups

Marshall : Stealer And Magnet On!

Rocky : You Need To Throw In Long Faraway Place

Marshall : Robot ! Now!

Rocky : It Reached The 999 Trillion Meter.

Pups : Take Your Veichles

Pups (Except The 2) : Huh?

Ryder : Where's My ATV?

Rocky And Marshall : Ready.

They Reach 997 Trillion Meter.

Rocky : Whoa!

Marshall : What? Where We Go Against 2 Trillion From The Pups Veichles

Pups (Except The 2) : Were Here : But Rocky Is Not Here

Marshall : Robot Taker On! Take That Pups So Shoot The To The Alaska

Pups : Oh Oh!

(The Other Pups Reached Alaska But No Rocky And Marshall)

Pups : Where We Are?

Ryder : Alaska.

The Final : They Don't Rescue Rocky And Marshall

Ryder : We Don't Rescue Them.

Pups : Minding

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