this pup is adopted from Smartpup Chase76 and now is of Aurychase



Rocco is a male Pembroke Welsh Corgi. he is a movie usher that love his job. He felt very lonely adolescence. He was denied and only. but the film world fascinated him and so he began to work as a director. in a short time he was accused of an accident on the set and then was fired. but decided not to abandon the world of cinema, he has found a place as a movie usher and when the film runs out, likes to see old movies that captivated. one day, however, he saw that a pup was left alone to see one of his favorite movies, Dracula (the old movies). the pup was Loretta. Rocco met her and immediately fell in love. since then he volunteered to go out and gradually came to appointments and then get engaged


A light orange fur pup with white on his muzzle, belly, and on his back and his paws have four white socks on them. he has the lower white tail he has a white tuft that is divided into two parts He also has light blue eyes and a light blue collar with a Green tag with a flashlight on it. 


Rocco is a very happy, loving, intelligent pup. But he can also be a bit stubborn and has an independent streak at times. he is also a pupp that likes to joke and pun.He takes his job seriously and love it with all heart






soon more



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